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President's Message

OPANA President Report

Dear OPANA members,
Spring is finally here and just in time for Nursing Week!  I thought this would be the perfect time to reach out to our members and provide an update of what the OPANA Board of Directors have been up to behind the scenes.  The board has grown to 19 volunteers and this year we have moved our quarterly meetings to Saturdays, and extended the duration to 6 hours so we can hold our board meeting, and have more time for discussions and project work.  
During one of our discussions, we recognized a common theme arising in many PACU’s across the province:  hospital occupancy and surge issues are becoming a regular phenomenon which is dramatically affecting patient flow in and out of PACU.  We realized that there is limited information available to help us answer the many questions we had.  Therefore, we decided that we needed to be leaders and explore the background issues, the effects of occupancy and surge on perianesthesia environments, perianesthesia nurses, and patient safety. The goal is to find possible solutions to share with all. And so, OPANA’s first research project was born! 
We are so pleased to share with our members that the information will be disseminated for the first time at the OPANA Fall Symposium. The abstract has been accepted for presentation at the NAPANc Conference (Halifax, June 1&2) AND the International Conference for Perianesthesia Nurses (ICPAN) being held in November 2019 in Cancun, Mexico!  It would be so great to have our members in attendance at any one of these events to learn firsthand this important information that OPANA has to share provincially, nationally, and internationally!  
The date for the OPANA Fall Symposium has been set for September 28, 2019. Planning is well-underway for the OPANA Fall Symposium and we are busy lining up speakers for the day.  Please save the Date:  September 28th, 2019. 
Unfortunately, PeriAnesthesia Nursing is at extreme risk of losing specialty recognition and certification is considered no longer sustainable by the Canadian Nurses Association after the November 2019 exam-writing opportunity. We need a minimum of 100 writers to keep PeriAnesthesia Nursing alive at the CNA.  Please help save our PeriAnesthesia certification exam-Registration opens on June 3, 2019 I urge you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in PeriAnesthesia nursing by challenging yourself to write this exam!  It truly is an honour to be recognized as a Certified PeriAnesthesia Nurse! Monetary Bursaries are available through OPANA & NAPANc to help offset cost.  We are committed to helping you learn your study material as you prepare to write this prestigious exam.  . OPANA is also committed to helping you financially with numerous bursaries for other learning opportunities.
As we celebrate Nurses this week, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of an exceptional group of PeriAnesthesia Nurses I have the distinct pleasure of leading at OPANA.  The OPANA Board of Directors keeps growing through our shared dedication, passion, knowledge, expertise, resilience, and friendship.  It’s quite an amazing group and I would like to acknowledge the following:
  • Carol Deriet-Immediate Past President
  • Candy Epworth –President-elect, Regional Director Central Ontario
  • Marianne Kampf – Treasurer, Regional Director Southern Ontario
  • Caroline Fellows-Smith – Treasurer-elect Regional Director Southern Ontario,
  • Nicci Chow – Secretary
  • Anita Damjee- Secretary-elect
  • Nancy Poole – Director at Large: Membership
  • Nancy Rudyk – Director at Large: Education
  • Nelisha Bhaloo – Director at Large: Communications & Newsletter
  • Dhivya Eapen- Director at Large: Website, Regional Director Greater Toronto Area
  • Linda Marshall-Masson & Sherry France- Regional Directors Greater Toronto Area
  • Morag Menzies, Stephanie Currie & Tanya LaChapelle- Regional Directors Eastern Ontario
  • Janet Clarke- Regional Director Northern Ontario
  • Amaya Sanchez – Regional Director Western Ontario
  • Rosemary Leone – Student Liaison
Before I sign off, please enjoy the Eye Opener newsletter from NAPANc with a special message from the National President of PeriAnesthesia nurses.
I would like to wish OPANA members a wonderful week as you celebrate your amazing careers!  I hope you have great moments and memories to share with your colleagues.  Please share your photos with us and we will feature you and your colleagues on the front page of our website! 
Happy Nurses Week!!!
With warmest regards,
OPANA President 2017-2019
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