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President's Message

OPANA President Report

Dear OPANA members,
First of all, I sincerely hope that you are all surviving the Polar Vortex…it has been an exceptionally cold January and somehow I don’t think the groundhog will let us have an early spring! 
OPANA has a very robust board of directors and we met in January for an all-day work retreat.  We have realized that when we put our collective thoughts together we come up with some great ideas!  We are working on re-vamping our mission, vision, and values; our newsletter will be published biannually; and early planning is being started for one-day Fall Symposium, likely to be held at the end of September.  One of the best things about our board representatives getting together is that we are able to share some of the issues that are affecting PACUs around the province.  Over the past year discussions seem to have focused on hospital occupancy and surge issues affecting PACUs.  OPANA members have let us know that this is a serious concern causing many downstream problems (OR cancellations, ORs on hold, overnight patients, ICU patients in PACU, staff morale, burnout, etc.) and as a provincial association, our board has determined that we are going to tackle this issue.  We will need our members help with this for data collection, but also because we want to ensure your concerns are heard.  We will be sending out some surveys and sincerely hope that you and your colleagues will help us with this. 
Next week, from Feb 4-10 is National PeriAnesthesia Nurses Awareness Week.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you working in PeriAnesthesia environments and to acknowledge the unique work you do caring for patients requiring surgery.  It is important that our specialty is recognized and I do want to take this opportunity to let members know that we are at risk for losing our PeriAnesthesia Nursing specialty designation due to the low numbers of people writing the certification exam.  We recognize that the examination is cost prohibitive for many people and there are supports in place to help supplement the fees.  This year, the Canadian Nurses Association has offered a 20% discount to the first 40 PeriAnesthesia who register.  Additionally, there are bursaries available through OPANA and NAPANc to be reimbursed to successful writers.  All you need to do is apply!  Educational materials are available to help you with your studies and our team will help you with any questions you may have-our goal is to help you be successful and earn your PANC(C) designation!  Other professional development and learning opportunities to consider attending include the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) conference being held in Nashville May 5-9, the National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada (NAPANc) conference being held in Halifax June 1 & 2, and the International Conference of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ICPAN) being held in Cancun, Mexico November 5-8. 
PeriAnesthesia deserves to be recognized nationally as a specialty and as we enter this week I hope you all acknowledge each other with pride and honour the knowledge and skills each of us brings to keeping our patients safe as they recover from their procedure.  Their Road to Recovery begins with PeriAnesthesia Nurses!  Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Awareness Week!
With warmest regards,
OPANA President 2017-2019
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